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About Making Websites

Greetings! – My Name is Jason Morin, I have been making websites for nearly 10 years now.  Actually, I make a living at it.  Granted I’m not driving a Mercedes or living in a beach front home, I will say that I feel relatively “free” choosing this career path.

When I say free, I don’t mean that I just sit around all day and do nothing – contrarily I work pretty hard.  The “freedom” I am referring to is the ability to make my own hours, never miss one of my boys soccer games or band concerts AND I can pop open my laptop just about anywhere I please and get a little work done.

I have created this website as a way to share the knowledge I’ve gained and hopefully save a lot of time for those who make websites or plan to in the future.

There are many, many facets of web design. Countless programs, languages, standards, methods and practices are out there and while each offer their own niche specialty, today websites draw on many these and combine them in ways that can be a bit tricky.

I’ve made a lot of websites – more than 200, and I have drawn on many technologies to do so.  I have fallen into many a pitfalls, hopefully this site will help you avoid them.

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