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About Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps

I was sent an interesting email today about becoming an accredited mobile site developer by Google today so I followed their instructions.  Here is a bit of what I have learned.

Why UX matters:

A research study showed that CSI (conversions per second) improved as load times went down. I know, no surprise, but having raw data can be helpful when trying to explain why a client should be upgrading their 2008 website.  Faster is better so make sure your UI (User Interface) is easy and intuitive in addition to using lightweight frameworks.  1 Second improvement in load time has been shown to provide up to 27% increase in CvR (Conversion Rate).  This also means lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).  Another good point brought up was the fact that something as seemingly mundane as changing the color or wording on a button can increase conversion rates by 200% or more! - Ready to hire designers yet?

Delivery Methods

Within your UI, there are a few ways to decide to deliver your content:

  1. Responsive web design, where you use CSS media queries and maybe some Javascript to adjust your layout based on device dimensions.
  2. Separate Mobile sites, where you detect platform and redirect to different websites altogether to suit the screen size and download times.
  3. 3.Dynamic serving, much like #2 but with selective loading of only parts of the page.

Google likes #1 and even says so here:

Microdata is changing the web: and microdata - important stuff here.